Not Dead Yet Nooooo (New 7" and Shows)

So sorry to anyone that wrote here to see what was up with BL, the blog seemed to have gone cold and I stopped updating it so vigilantly, and I'm just seeing most of those comments now.

We had to take a step back due to some respective school and work situations this year but yes, BL is alive and not dead...yet. We dusted it off to play with our brothers Coliseum in the late summer, and a Hot Snakes cover set for Hallowe'en and this upcoming weekend we're about to play a good old fashioned chaotic late-nighter at Soybomb for Not Dead Yet 2014. With Glue, Big Zit, Depths of Reality and White Wards.

BLOGTO says: "Local stalwarts Burning Love have a legendary pedigree, rising from the ashes of (sadly, aptly named) Cursed as well as Our Father back in 2007. Those roots in hardcore have given way to a sound that's a little more mature (or maybe just more world-weary), donning influences of feel-good classic rock n' roll and even daring to throw in some catchy hooks. Toronto punks in the know are proud to call these guys one of their own. Even better: their after-party set's at Soybomb, undoubtedly one of the best places to catch a heavy show in the city." (BTO on NDY)

...aw shucks. $5. Starts at Midnight Saturday. Show Map + Info HERE.

Q: And the new 7"?
A: And the new 7".

Down So Long b/w Medicine Man 7" 

From Deathwish Inc:

"Burning Love are an unapologetic punk band from Toronto, fronted by vocalist/lyricist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination, etc). Burning Love's approach is more nuanced than his previous bands. Mixing raw melody and swagger (akin to Laughing Hyenas, Poison Idea, etc) into their hardcore blood. Since 2007, Burning Love have released a number of records on labels like Deranged, High Anxiety, and Southern Lord. 

 "Down So Long" b/w "Medicine Man" is a two song banger of an EP, recorded by Josh Korody at Candle in Toronto (Fucked Up, etc). Opener "Down So Long" emerges from ghostly feedback with an unrelenting punk romp. Lyrically addressing the social chaos of our world askew, despite the illusion of military and political order. While the infectious "Medicine Man" addresses fashionable drug addiction in the punk world, despite the trail of havoc that it cuts through the most wounded of world populations."

(Currently in production, check HERE with Deathwish Inc. for ETA)


FEB 2014

Hey all. Just so you know, the new 7" is still in the mastering process but is coming. Meantime, Pat's playing in a new band with other Cursed and Sailboats Are White alumni called Nice Head. Check it out!


Chillsville / Touching Cotton

Just a reminder to those far and wide that our friends at Shirtkiller now have this new BL "Bedheads" shirt available online, and all the other goodies they keep in print. CHECK IT.

We're currently laying low, waiting on the final mix the Medicine Man 7" and then it'll be off to mastering, into the oven and out some time over winter. Meanwhile, did you know you can "make money" "working" "jobs"? Yeah, I know. It was weird to me too. 25-year-late pass.



MORE SHOWS! We head out in a few weeks to the East Coast...

19 - Montreal QC w/ Drogue
20 - Sherbrooke QC @ Le Saloon w/ Sights of War
21 - Fredericton NB w/ Helm +1
22 - Halifax NS @ Plan B w/ Barlow, Burnt Church, Dan Hayward (link)
23 - St.John's NFLD (AA) 3PM@Distortion w/OfTheBlack,Frail Vessel,Bannerman
24 - St.John's NFLD (19+/Trouble Bound Anniversary Party)
25 - St.John NB @ The Shop w/Acousma, Barlow, Plaster Lungs
26 - Quebec City QC w/ Drogue
27 - Ottawa ON @ Luneta Cafe

NEW SHIRTS! We'll have some new shirts with us at these shows including this Joan Crawford redux, in praise of insane women:

NEW JAMS! We just recorded a new 7" with Josh Korody at Candle (who we did the last 7" with), it should be out in the fall on High Anxiety. Soon as it's done mixing, we'll stick one of the tracks up.




Hey, I'm sitting here (just getting in from the funnest Toronto show maybe ever), way too late for how early I have to get up and do responsible life stuff, nursing abrasions that don't even make sense and feeling very thankful for my life and my friends right now. And the fact that I jus got to ride a bicycle upside down on a loft ceiling while playing. Obviously, in 20+ years of punk and hardcore bands, a lot of people, venues and moments come and go and slip through your fingers. And I'm not the sentimental guy that will tell you it was better in some mythological Back In The Day. Fuck that shit. I've seen some of the best bands and shows in the last 12 months than I have in my whole life. There are a lot of things and people that I miss having around, but the intersection of all our lives then, just as it is now, was/is random and we should make the most of it while it's even there. All the elements that comprised any Day are always and ever present now: people, their ideas, minds and hearts, late nights, many beers or no beers at all in their bloodstream, The Kids (be they 18 or 40 years old), their frustrations, a PA, a room, perhaps a vegan bake sale (bonus round! looking at you too KW) and the catharsis of forgetting yourself for 45 minutes in the bodies and eyes and sweat of strangers and friends. So to anyone that comes out and gets close, says what they mean and interacts with this thing - thank you. We're/I'm grateful for it. Soybomb is the best DIY spot in our city. I'm glad we ended the whole tour there. KW and London were both amazing nights too. We're going to try to get back to some places closer to home that we so often look over when routing and planning US-heavy tours. There's so much support and good things/scenes/bands going on right now close to home that make me proud of my town, and its scene. We have a very good balance right now. People know themselves and their politics and there's shit we all just wouldn't allow past the door, and at the same time it gets unhinged, wild, all arms and legs, but not in the meathead way, it's not sexually exclusive and I'm always glad that we have such a good gender and age split in Toronto. Anyway, ramblings of a half-deaf old hardcore fan who needs to go to bed. But really, thank you. I know it's been said but - ditch the heroes. Do It Yourself. Pick up a guitar and start a band, take photos and do a fanzine, have BBQs with your friends (my place is open), put on shows, make or put out records. This is yours. It gets life from your ideas and what we bounce off each other. You don't have to "be" anyone but who you are to get involved. It is exactly what we make it. Thank you. To many more such sweaty nights.

And, listen to Born Wrong.


Mid to West to North to West to East Coast tour ruled, thanks to everyone along the way. KW was fun last night even if we got shut down, we'll do it again soon. London is tonight (see post below) and Soybomb is tomorrow. Also, I'm a lying liar with bad intel, and neither Teenanger nor Mr.Coinkydink will be performing at tomorrow night's live music spectacle. But Plurals have stepped in and Soybomb will be fun, late, loud and no doubt will get sloppy as always, in the good way. Probably the best DIY venue in the city.

East Coast Canada August dates coming up next. Also, no big deal but this Edmonton brodog got an Alien Vs Creditor tattoo and it rules:

Ring Ring Ring, It's The Bank!

*also, hey, to Julian in Seattle who gave me his copy of Grendel, thank you. You're right, it rules. 



***Seattle is THURSDAY 27, not WED 26. Sorry for any mixup. ***


...is what we just came through. Waiting for the plane to Whitehorse. We just made it out of Calgary before the worst of the flooding and evacuations. The rest of the fest is canceled. Hopefully our friends in Torche, KenMode, Code Orange Kids and everyone else got out safely. Good luck, Calgary and endless thanks to Sled Island.

So, Arctic tonight (72 hours of sunlight sounds pretty good right now), VAN on Tuesday, Seattle on Thursday, not Wed, etc. And the Chicago show, now with more CULO! See you out there somewhere.

06.14.13 Windsor ON @ Phog Lounge w/ Kestrels, Cellos
06.15.13 Milwaukee WI @ Quarters w/ Falter, Closet Burner
06.16.13 Minneapolis MN @Medusa w/Brain Tumors,MuchWorse 9PM
06.17.13 Winnipeg MB @ the Windsor w/ Big Trouble +1
06.18.13 Regina SK @ the Club (2431 8th) w/ Bermuda Love, Birch Hills
06.19.13 Calgary AB @ Sled Island w/Code Orange Kids,Swans,JAMC ++
06.21.13 Whitehorse YT @ Sunstroke Festival w/Bob Log III ++
06.22.13 Dawson City, YT w/ Klondike Suns
06.23.13 Dawson City, YT @ Midnight Sun w/Naysayers
06.25.13 Vancouver BC w/ Baptists, Griever, Plagues @ Astoria (769 EH)
06.27.13 Seattle WA @ Josephine w/ Heiress, Old Ghost, Loss, Don Peyote
06.28.13 Boise ID @ The Crux
06.29.13 Salt Lake City UT @ The Shred Shed
06.30.13 Denver CO @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Reproacher
07.01.13 Omaha NB @ West Wing (301 S38) w/Feral Hands, Red Lion +1
07.02.13 Chicago IL @ Cobra Lounge w/Culo, Nukes, Ooze
07.11.13 Waterloo ON@ 1st United w/ Greys,Mighty Atom,Cellos,2 Crosses
07.12.13 London ON @ APK w/ Born Wrong, Wasted Potential, Traumahawk
07.13.13 Toronto ON @ Soybomb w/ Teenanger, Greys

Coming up, East Coast (US & CANADA) in August.


True North

    So here's the play: BL's 2013 touring schedule is mostly all aboot...Canada, which always gets shafted in routing. Side to side as well as up and down. We're still firming it up but we'll be going from here to the west coast June 13 - July 3rd (including a stop at Sled Island festival in Calgary and more shows with our friends Baptists), in the middle of which we'll be going north to Dawson, Whitehorse, Anchorage and Yellowknife, where the sun doesn't set. That's some bucket list shit, no? On the way back from Vancouver we'll be hitting the northern US - Seattle, PDX and over Brokeback Mountain to get home. So if you or someone you love does shows in some buttfuck place like the Dakotas that no one ever comes to, and you want us to come there, and know at least 7 people who agree, get in touch. We are going to have some east coast US shows in July or August with our boys Doomriders. And then later in August we're going east all the way to The Rock and back. 

    We're recording a 7" next month with Josh Korody (who did the Black Widow EP), so we'll have that out for the summer. These are the next shows we have booked: 

03.23.13 Toronto @ Long Winter V5 (Great Hall) w/The Sadies +Many
04.29.13 Toronto @ Sneaky Dees with NAILS, Xibalba +2
06.13.13 Toronto @ The Phoenix with BAD BRAINS...
...Awesome poster pending. 


Home of the Hits

Buffalo, you fuckin' rule. Thanks again to Czuba, ETID and everyone for putting that together and asking us to be part of it. Here's a great video of the whole BL set from that night (thanks filmer):

...That's our year, and I'm glad that was the show for it. We're hibernating for a bit and writing while I have LFD stuff taking over for the January reunion shows. So thanks for a great year everyone that supported BL with floors, shows, food, bands, burritos, koalas, swags and god knows what else. We'll have our 2013 plans worked out over the next 8 weeks or so and we'll keep you posted. Stay sweet. 


Sweet Child O' Mayan

December 21st 2012

Burning Love
Kills & Thrills
Water Torture
Human Touch
+ Special Guest

The Funeral Home
366 Ontario St. Buffalo NY

6PM, $15 or $12 w/canned good(s)


Pig City III


Just In Time For Christmas.
Good Fucking Riddance.


Not If I CBC You First / Twitter: Don't Do It.

     Here's an interview with the CBC's Vish Khanna from just yesterday, which also kicked our ass in gear to update the BL page on the CBC, so you can now hear all of RTTS there. Thanks to Vish and that hallowed Canadian institution.

     NOT DEAD YET 2012 started last night with Martin (Crudos/Limp Wrist) Sorrendeguy's incredible restrospective photo exhibit Get Shot that'll be up for the duration of the fest at the Hunt Club (709 College St). NDY 2012 Schedule. No sleep till Monday, Toronto.

     Also, hey. Sit down with dad for a second. For realsies now. There IS a BL Twitter, the result of an overtired joke in a hotel room while recording, where we would only talk about farting and use no vowels. It was a funny about how degenerated that voyeuristic culture is. But it's not real, will not be kept up with any regularity (we've actually lost the login info) and isn't a good way to be in touch with our moment to moment frtn activities. We keep getting friend requests (Danny Devito?!) and messages about it and I just want to reiterate that (if you are not an Arab Spring activist, a Chinese dissident or someone evading arrest while protesting in a totalitarian state) Twitter is in fact useless and microcosmically vacant. Ours was purely for jokes and is technically there but not active (like the brains of modern men everywhere, myself included). Read a book, Bieber.  Real talk.

     In a related story, Chris Fucking Hedges can't be bought. Try stuffing THIS guy into 140 characters or less. A credible and highly recommended 3 hour tour of reality:


Bedways Is Right Ways Now

Home! Thanks everybody, this tour was a blast.
Would that they could all be Gainesville:

This weekend is Not Dead Yet. Get your ass to TO. We're playing Soybomb late Friday night with Hassler, Owl Eyes and Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Then Dec.21st in Buffalo, and that's our year. We're gonna hibernate, write new songs and plan out our 2013. Listen To Fight Amp for the love o' Christ. They're better than ever.
RIP Kim Phuc. We hardly knew ye.


Tour Update (Birmingham AL)

We're only half way through this week and it's been amazing. Some shows that were almost afterthoughts to the routing to and from the fests turned out to be so fun, in random last minute spots that make me wistful for bygone days - we played in a storefront in Syracuse, a sketchy Korean restaurant / karaoke bar in Baltimore and an alley in Charlotte in the first 72 hours, all of them ruling. It's great to see people using DIY spaces so creatively again. 
The Fest as always was killer. From Ashes Rise and NA, goddamn. We missed the end of the world on the east coast by hours and in the south there's not a trace of it down here. To our friends on the east coast, I hope you're all alright.

We're churning towards Austin. We're playing the FFF day show we're slotted for but also a night one with Power Trip, our boys Fight Amp, and Enabler, at Holy Mountain. That'll be the kicker. Holy hell, am I really going to see Earth, X and Run DMC in the same day? What is this magical place?

The rest of the shows are listed below. If you're in Little Rock, the BL/Joyce Manor house show is being moved to the Riverview Skatepark in North Little Rock, check your local TV station or just ask your friend, he probably knows what's up. But it is happening.

When we get home, there's NDY where we play a late show at Soybomb, FINALLY, and I wanna see someone try and ride the bike that's stuck to the ceiling. And then in December we have our last show of the year. What's the date, you ask? Do you need to ask? December 21st 2012. Buffalo NY. Stay tuned for details and I hope we see you out here. Stay pissed and all that shit but more immediately, stay dry. It's way less brutal but super practical.

 ...think about it.


October / November

This week we're heading down to the Fest and Fun Fun Fun, 
here's the whole deal, balls and all:

10.24.12 - Syracuse NY @ Badlands w/High On Dracula +2:

10.25.12 - Baltimore MD @ House of Casanova (2516 Barclay)
w/Heaviness of the Load +3. 8PM,BYOB (Event)
10.26.12 - Charlotte NC @ Lunchbox w/Votnut & Narratives:


10.27.12 - Gainesville FL (Fest) @ 8 Seconds 
w/Negative Approach, Naked Raygun, From Ashes Rise (Schedule)
10.29.12 - Birmingham AL @ The Forge w/ Joyce Manor +2
10.30.12 - Nashville KY @ The End w/Joyce Manor, DNF +2
10.31.12 - Little Rock AR - House Show
11.02.12 - Austin TX (FunFunFun) 12:30PM (Schedule)
11.02.12 - Austin TX (9PM) @ Holy Mountain w/Fight Amp, PowerTrip
11.05.12 - Pittsburgh PA @ Roboto Project w/Girlfight & Drug Lust

 *A recent interview by Trevor Lucius from his zine Maggotbone is up HERE. Thanks Trevor. See you all on the road.


Fall 2012

Thanks so much to the folks of Resist and everyone in Australia and NZ, Bryan Wassom and everyone that helped us out on tour. It was an unreal experience and we'll do it all again as soon as possible. For now, we're playing these local shows:

09.21.12 - Toronto @ The Horseshoe Tavern w/ Hot Snakes (!?!)
09.26.12 - Toronto @ The Phoenix w/ Propagandhi & CBK

...and then we go out to The Fest and Fun Fun Fun next month, and tour there and back, including shows with DNF, Joyce Manor and our old road bros Fight Amp, as well as FINALLY playing Soybomb for a late-nighter during Not Dead Yet in November. Stay tuned for details. 

Some great words of encouragements from MRR:

... yesss, finally a Maximum reviewer that gets us!


Also, a couple videos from New Zealand & NYC: